Our Mission

To improve the nutrient density of soil and plants.

We will do this using technical and scientific analysis, complimentary solid and foliar fertilisers and industry expertise. The outcome generating well-informed, satisfied customers who own highly productive and environmentally sustainable businesses.

Our Vision

For our customers to benefit from our distinguishable practices and philosophies so that only identified deficient fertiliser inputs are required to maximise commercial production outcomes. The broader beneficiaries will be our customer’s enterprises, their soil, soil microbiology, plants, crops, and consumers internationally. 

Our Unique Selling Proposition - Our selling differentiation

  • Applying soil science consistently
  • Superior Fertiliser Blending
  • Experience and Honesty

Our Unique Buying Proposition - Why a customer buys from us

  • Distinctive Advice
  • Service Excellence
  • Reliable blends with easy-spread solid fertilisers
  • Foliar fertilisers with uniqueness, and which offer both environmental support and excellent nutrition

Our Key Values

Treat our customers, employees, and all stakeholders with respect and integrity. Provide excellent service with pride in what we do. Ensure safety consciousness, and give great consideration to the environment.

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