Controlled Acidification Spray

A water conditioner containing wetting and spreading agents, humectants & acidifiers with a multiple pH indicators for use with contact and systemic pesticides, fungicides, herbicides & foliar feeds.

  • BB7 reduces spray solution pH by means of controlled acidification. BB7 contains a unique pH indicator which changes the colour of the spray water pink when the optimum pH range of 4.5 – 5.0 is reached.
  • BB7 will automatically buffer the spray solution at pH 2.8 - 3.0 in case of over acidification.
  • BB7 will complex harmful salts found in hard waters
  • BB7 has excellent wetting and spreading properties which improves pesticidal performance and reduces the possibility of phytotoxicity.
  • BB7 improves cuticular penetration of systemic pesticides and foliar fertilizers
  • BB7 prevents rapid hydrolysis (breakdown and degradation), of alkaline sensitive pesticides such as organo-phosphates, carbamates, synthetic pyrethroids, chlorinated hydrocarbons and glyphosate.
  • NPE's (Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates), common in many wetting agents have been banned in the EU for some time now. NPEs are suggested to be hormone disruptors but this is yet to be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Export crop residue MRLs are currently being reviewed by NZFSA due to this doubt in human toxicology.
  • Ekko has pre-empted this by sourcing and replacing NPE with the more acceptable Alcohol Ethoxylates (AE) and have observed better wetting properties due to the fact that the AE's are more hydrophillic (water loving) than NPE's.

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