N-Phos (old = Nitrophos)

SOA + G-Phos


NitroPhos is a blend of G-Phos (Guano Phosphate) and AmSul (Ammonium Sulphate) and powered with TM Agricultural soil activator which makes a fantastic blend for growth and biological stimulation.

Nutrient Supply

Product combination is: 7% Nitrogen, 7% Phosphate, 8% Sulphate and 18% Calcium. Additional advantages will be available from the addition of other products you may supplement the blend with.

Main areas of use

  • PASTURE (esp hill country)


  • Sgnificantly reduces common problems of Nitrogen and Phosphate loss (leaching, runoff, lockup, environmental damage)
  • Supplies multiple elements
  • Very easy to spread (ground spread or aerial)
  • Available in bulk or bulk bags
  • Add more products to suit (custom your blend)
  • More easily meet Regional Council environmental objectives
  • Improved efficiencies and greater productivity is available

Expect a difference !

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