Specialty Products

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Cast Off
Cast Off A blend of tea seed extract and urea in a flowable form to be applied to sports fields and golf greens
20, 200 & 1000L View more
Dusk Slug & Snail
Slug Bait
2, 20, 125 kgs View more
Easyclean For the control of lichen, moss, mould, algae and liverwort in most turfgrass surfaces
5 & 20L View more
Fertiliser Tablets
Fertiliser Tablets Specially processed, controlled-release forms of NPK and trace elements in a tablet form; 10g for precise application when planting
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Going Down
Going Down Water treatment additive to irrigation systems to improve water quality and penetration, reduce ph associated with turf
20 & 1000L View more
5, 20, 200 Litres View more

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