Guano Phosphate


Landco’s G-phos is a natural Guano Phosphate which incorporates an abundant number of other beneficial nutrients, these along with its unique properties and characteristics make it a super-hero of phosphates. Guano is mined as a rock and used extensively throughout NZ as an alternative to other phosphates, esp water soluble phosphates. Due to its excellent properties, it is our opinion Guano is one of the best if not the best type of phosphate in the world, so we are fortunate to have G-Phos to use as our mainstream phosphate and as a single or blended option.

Landco takes pride in the quality of its fertiliser products and G-phos is no exception, its uniform size, granular structure, nutrient combination, efficiency, and effectiveness, support our quality standards, and also customer expectations. Helping to minimise phosphate loss via leaching, runoff, and lock-up in soil is a big part of what G-Phos can offer; up to 70% more can be retained compared to water soluble synthetic phosphates and for this reason you need to apply a lot less than traditional phosphates. Quite simply it makes sense to use G-Phos for nutrient management control, the environment, and soil and stock health.

 Product Guide

  • Content:        10% min Phosphate
  • Solubility:      Classified as citrate soluble. Breaks down in water yet is not suspended in water, so you keep most of it.
  • Type:              Granular
  • Size:                5mm ave
  • Calcium:         27% calcium carbonate
  • Silica:              10%       
  • Trace Elements: Various types naturally in G-Phos
  • Metals:           Low levels of heavy metals
  • pH:                  8+
  • Liming:           Yes. Reinforced by carbonates & hydroxides

Where to use G-Phos

G-Phos can be used in all areas of agriculture as a building or maintenance phosphate fertiliser.

Benefits of using G-Phos

  • An alkaline phosphate: Contributes to pH lift or maintenance
  • Slower smooth release over one year +/-
  • Easy to handle with a uniform spread pattern
  • Minimal leaching, runoff, and lock-up in soil (quite the opposite of superphosphate)
  • Aid the recovery and availability of locked-up synthetic P in the soil through stimulation of biology, & reduce alluminium & iron issues.
  • Use considerably less phosphate per hectare than many P brands due to very low loss characteristics (high efficiency)
  • Reduce cartage and spreading costs
  • Improve the ability of soil biology to help balance soil nutrients & nutrient availability by using a more natural, non-man-made soil ally
  • Benefit from low heavy metal presence in G-Phos compared to most mainstream P brands

What Landco offer you …

  • A unique custom-blended service when you require to mix G-Phos with other fertilisers. Machine blending offers many advantages over ‘loader bucket’ blending
  • Product availability
  • Service excellence that we are proud of
  • Soil testing and product application recommendations
  • Product delivery (local)
  • A soil philosophy based on proven science, results, understanding, and common sense.

Expect a difference!

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