Welcome to Hortigro

We’re all about horticulture and benefiting our clients with a complete nutritional programme that provides great results.

Hortigro provides Horticultural clients (Orchard & Row Crop) with quality product technology for the development of their crops. Hortigro has a range of nutritional solid fertiliser and liquid foliar products that provide growers with solutions within a fully sustainable nutrition programme that is effective in enabling growers to control diseases, insects, plant and crop health, and minimise environmental impact. Our programmes and products are supported with ‘spoken about service’ from a passionate technical team focussed on delivering results-based satisfaction.

Hortigro not only imports and supplies products, it also blends products to reflect recommendations completed for one or many blocks. It’s a big job yet one we do all day every day to provide great service. General service and turnaround time from order to delivery is (we are advised) the best locally and up there with the best nationally.

For Agriculture, please click here to visit Landco Fertiliser – the ag division of Hortigro Ltd.

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