About Us

Hortigro, with over 10 years’ experience in horticultural enterprise continues to grow its client base due to proven results, something we are very proud of.

First and foremost, we are here to make a difference to our clients’ crops so they are more productive and profitable for the longer term. Being a medium sized enterprise ensures we deliver based on our philosophies rather than just for the sake of selling products and not considering all factors to grow great crops e.g. soil health, product quality, plant and crop health, and the environment. 

Our steps to production longevity

Solid Fertiliser

  • Applicable area soil sampling
  • Comprehensive soil nutrient analysis
  • Independent fertiliser recommendation
  • Quality product quotation
  • Application of Hortigro products

Foliar Fertiliser

  • Leaf analysis
  • Foliar recommendation and quotation
  • Application of Hortigro products

Expect a difference!

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