Our environment, ‘Forever changing yet always the same” – to coin a well-known phrase.
Interpreting this means, although something is always there – say a farm, or a river, within that area, region, or ecosystem, it is always changing.

It’s this change we need to manage as best we can and the implementation of Healthy Rivers Wai Ora in its existing or possibly reshaped form will mean some major changes for pastural and cropping farmers, horticulturalists, and fertiliser suppliers to name a few associated groups.

From a product perspective, Hortigro supplies products that can help mitigate some of the main issues that Healthy Rivers establishes its backbone from, these being nutrient loss from Nitrogen and Phosphorus.

The key phosphate we use (G-Phos Guano) is non-synthetic, is much more efficient, breaks down in water immediately yet is non-water soluble, has non-leaching, non-run-off, and no-lockup characteristics, low heavy metal contaminants, with around half as much or less generally applied in comparison to superphosphate (at sensible application rates, not silly rates), it's an absolutely wonderful product and very competative when quality, attributes, benefits, transport costs, and rate of P applied are calculated. G-Phos is another product where just fucussing on the 'price of P as the only consideration' simply doesn't work.

We have nitrogen products that support the environment more favouarably than for example urea N. Chemistry and technology has come a long way and we simply don’t need to keep pouring on products that create most of the issues, there are alternatives and companies such as Hortigro import and retail quality products that not only consider the environment but also soil, plant, and crop health.

Summing this up, we believe we offer a long term and sustainable option for growing your crops; short term, non-logical solutions generally don’t maximise outputs nor provide customer satisfaction.

Expect a difference!

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