Orchard Nutrition

At Hortigro, nutrition is key to the growth, health, development, and production of a crop. It is however generally not considered crucially enough when appraising the total wellbeing of a plant, and it should be as this is what offers vibrancy, longevity, and sustainability of plants to keep giving the standard and quality of crops growers desire.

About Nutrition

Fruit and vegetables are power-packed foods - they are full of valuable nutrients which have many health benefits.

  • Fruits provide valuable fibrevitamins, and minerals , including folate, potassium and vitamins A and C. and phytochemicals (which give the colour).
  • A healthy intake of fruit and vegetables helps to protect against major illnesses, such as heart disease and cancer.
  • Most fruit and vegetables are low in energy (kilojoules/calories) and are filling, which may help us in maintaining a healthy weight
  • Eating a range of coloured fruits and vegetables provides antioxidants, which work together to protect our bodies  

Nutrition considers several core sciences, including biology, chemistry, anatomy, physiology and food.

When it comes to the soil, 3 of these sciences are the focus, Physical, Chemical, and Biological, and Hortigro monitor all these critical areas under the banner of Soil Health, this is our core zone and the hub from which other processes emanate and depend on.

Soil Analysis

With Soil Health, our services start with broadly understanding the soil. Understanding soil is the first and foremost step in determining what nutrients are in the soil, what is actually available to the plant, and conversely what is lacking. Hortigro ensure a comprehensive soil analysis is completed followed by an independent fertiliser recommendation, our philosophy is hinged on the comprehensive learnings and science of Dr William Albrecht who pioneered much towards the understanding of soil and the role of nutrients in relation to plants. Our 'independent analysis process' provides invaluable information not all reflected in local analysis allowing a fuller and (we believe) more accurate model of establishing the best picture of the state of our client’s soil. Annually thereafter we establish a trend of change allowing better modelling and management of nutrient requirements. We don’t compare your soil with the average of New Zealand soils – which traditional NZ labs do. Soils are so very different, even your neighbours soil type can be quite different and the history of crops, fert, and lime application can be another influencer as to the state of soil.    

Soil Fertiliser Choice

Applying the best and right type of fertilisers also makes a difference to their availability to the plant. Soil biology in addition is very much an integral part of the availability process and nurturing biology as best we can as part of the overall soil environment wellbeing must be considered. In essence, applying the best products also means a well-supported biological soil, and environmentally, less nutrient lock-up, leaching, and runoff.

Fertiliser Blending

Hortigro bespoke blends hundreds and hundreds of unique blends for various orchards and often different blends within each orchard (if necessary). Matching blends with recommendations is what we do day in and day out, products are all solid (including Trace elements) meaning easy and uniform spreading.

Foliar Nutrient Choice

With Hortigro’s chelated Carbo range of foliar’s and other known and tried products, clients gain sound, scientific, and current technology for additional and specific management of nutrient application via the leaf.

Foliar application is essential when certain nutrients are lacking in the plant, or during flowering, fruit-fill, or if ripening needs assistance. There can be a number of reasons why plants need foliar attention, often they are stress related from wet or dry where soil nutrients can be prevented from being transferred, soil biology is not maximised, or simply, trace elements need applying due to shortages.

Skills and Knowledge

Our staff are essential to our clients getting the best advice, we are proud of the investment we have and are building as we grow each area of business. Our business growth in a large part is contributed to our staff because it’s service, knowledge, honesty, and integrity that make a considerable difference.

Expect a difference!

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