A premium liquid carbohydrate chelated calcium for use as a foliar nutrient on various crops to prevent or correct calcium deficiency and related physiological disorders.

w/v - 100g/L Calcium

w/v - 6.5g/L Boron

Role of Calcium in the Plant:

  • Important to the structure and permeability of cell membrane
  • Helps prevent cell injury and necrosi
  • Is a determining factor in fruit quality
  • Delays ripening of fruit; extends storage life suppressing ethylene production
  • Reduces storage rot

Advantages of CarboCal

  • Rapid penetrating action with good absorption of calcium by the plant
  • Liquid formulation is easy to mix and easy to use
  • Contains no nitrogen, sulphate or chloride
  • Relatively low dosages of CarboCal have proved to be as effective as higher doses of inorganic salts
    (e.g. calcium chloride)
  • Compatible with most pesticide
  • Safe - good crop tolerance even at bud break on fruit tree
  • Cost effective

Methods of Application

CarboCal can be applied as a foliar treatment in a regular spray program or as a corrective spray. It is suitable for ground or aerial spraying.

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