Role of Nitrogen in the Plant:

  • Utilized by plants to synthesize amino acids, the building blocks for protein synthesis – protoplasm
  • Nitrogen is required for production of chlorophyll, nucleic acids and enzymes

Signs of Nitrogen Deficiency:

  • Slow growth, stunted plant, Chlorosis, yellow-green colour, turning of tips and margins of foliage
  • Starting with mature leaves – firing of tips and mid rib of foliage
  • Excess results in reduced quality and delayed colouration

Advantages of CarboN

  • Liquid formulation is easy to mix and easy to use
  • Rapid penetration and good absorption
  • Contains no nitrogen, sulphates or chlorides
  • Compatible with a wide range of pesticides
  • Safe - good crop tolerance
  • No harmful residues
  • Cost effective

Methods of Application

CarboN can be applied as foliar treatment in a regular spray program or as a corrective spray. It is suitable for ground or aerial spraying.

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