AminoPro-N liquid


AminoPro-N liquid



AminoPro-N liquid is distinctive from other liquid nitrogen fertilisers currently on the market in New Zealand. It has a minimum nitrogen content of 10% in a concentrated liquid form.

AminoPro-N is a new and unique high performance amino protein nitrogen fertiliser. It is suitable for foliar, irrigation, and fertigation application to all varieties of agricultural, horticultural, & viticultural plants.

Based on its properties, AminoPro-N is an almost fully available protien nitrogen combining multiple amino acids. Massey University Amino acid tests performed by the Nutrition Laboratory Feb 16, show AminoPro-N has a high total amino acid content, 58.24 mg/100mg or 58.24 percent. Scientific literature states that that plants do take amino acids actively and efficiently from soil, and this may contribute significantly to the overall N budget of plants.

AminoPro-N liquid can be used in most sectors as a liquid spray to enhance growth. The liquid has been blended with water at a 2:1 ratio (N:H2O). This produces a dark syrup concentrate that can then be diluted for application. AminoPro-N is compatible with most other sprays however caution is provided and sparying on a small area first is recommended.

  • N content                     10% min
  • Use:                             Biological, Conventional, Organic when certified.
  • Water Solubility:           99.8% water soluble. No sediment noticeable in solution after resting
  • pH:                               6 +/- 
  • Availability:                   High
  • Efficiency Rate:            High

Test Analysis Example

Element/Nutrient Liquid Analysis
N 10.7%
Al 56ppm
Se <10ppm
As <0.1ppm
CD <1
Hg <0.1ppm
Pb <0.1ppm
TC 27.7%
pH 6.0

 Application Guide

Add AminoPro-N liquid concentrate to the desired or suggested rate of water for the particular crop / plant you are applying AminoPro-N to.

Recipient Crop Kg/Ha L/Ha Comment
Orchard 40 kg 1500L / Ha Apply monthly in season
Vineyard 40 kg 1500L / Ha Apply monthly in season
Pasture 40 kg 200L / Ha Apply as required
Brassicas 40 kg 200L / Ha Apply as required
Vegetable 5-10 kg 200L / Ha Apply monthly in season
Sensitive Crops eg lettuce 2-5 kg 200L / Ha Apply monthly in season
Fertigation eg glasshouse      
Drip Fertigation      


Biology, Nitrogen Availability, Science 

Dissolved amino acids in the soil can offer a readily available source of C and N to plant roots and microbes in the soil. In acid soils in particular, where the major type of organic N is relatively immobile NH4, the direct uptake of organic N (including amino acids) may be important. Plants do take amino acids actively and efficiently from soil, and this may contribute significantly to the overall N budget of plants. Actively means, that they use energy and transport them into cells using amino acid transporters. Passive uptake plays a role as well.

Plant nutritional status also determines how much C is lost from a plant to the soil, e.g. if deficient, more loss of C (this can be up to 1-30% of the total C fixed). So, the uptake of amino acids may also minimise the net loss of C and N to the soil from plant.

Amino acids also play a role in regulating microbial population in the rhizosphere ('The rhizosphere is the narrow region of soil that is directly influenced by root secretions and associated soil microorganisms'. Amino acid uptake and turnover time in soils depends on many variables, such as microbe number and activity, concentration of amino acids, soil characteristics (physical and chemical) etc.  

Based on the above and additional unpesented data, it can be concluded that the amino acids in AminoPro-N are either readily available as a free form or likely to become quickly available to the plants by enzymatic process taking place in the soil.

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