Guano Phosphate - Ancient sea-bird

A BioGro certified input for organics.

G-Phos is an excellent choice for organics where P is needed to maintain or build soil phosporus. G-Phos, being a natural product is a proactive partner for soil biology, better enabling availability of P to plants as plants require it. Waste is negligible due to the favourable characteristics of G-Phos. Let us know if you need further information.


  • Content:        10% min Phosphate
  • Solubility:      Classified as citrate soluble. Breaks down in water yet is not suspended in water, so you keep most of it.
  • Type:              Granular
  • Size:                5mm ave
  • Calcium:         27% calcium carbonate
  • Silica:              10%      
  •  Trace Elements: Various types naturally in G-Phos
  • Metals:           Low levels of heavy metals
  • pH:                  8+
  • Liming:           Yes. Reinforced by carbonates & hydroxides

G-Phos can be used in all areas of agriculture as a building or maintenance phosphate fertiliser.

Benefits of using G-Phos

  • An alkaline phosphate: Contributes to pH lift or maintenance
  • Slower smooth release over one year +/-
  • Easy to handle with a uniform spread pattern
  • Minimal leaching, runoff, and lock-up in soil
  • Aid the recovery and availability of locked-up synthetic P in the soil through stimulation of biology & reduce Al & Fe issues.
  • Use considerably less phosphate per hectare than many P brands due to very low loss characteristics (high efficiency)
  • Reduce cartage and spreading costs
  • Improve the ability of soil biology to help balance soil nutrients & availability by using a more natural, non-man-made soil ally
  • Benefit from low heavy metal presence in G-Phos compared to most mainstream P brands

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