Urea + SOA (Urea N + Ammonium N + Sulphate Sulphur)


Joined at the hip!

N30 is a combination of Sulphate of Ammonia and Urea. N30 is most often used in winter months where a combination of fast available N, longer lasting-more efficent N, and sulphate sulphur is needed to boost grass growth. The application you get from N30 provides a release of 30% N (urea+SOA) and 15% Sulphate Sulphur, the sulphur acts as a catalyst for the availability of N.

This smart combination makes good sense and offers great value when pasture requires a boost - immiediate and lagged.

Other fertilisers and traces can be blended with N30 as required.

Key Points

  • Content:            30% N (nitrate & ammonium forms)
                              15 % S (Sulphur)                     
  • Solubility:          Water soluble
  • Type:                 Granular
  • Size:                  5mm ave
  • pH:                    5.5

Who use's N30

N30 is most commonly used in Dairy yet Sheep and Beef farmers apply N30 to offer a late winter boost to pasture growth.  In addition horticultural growers - esp row crop, apply N30 as nescessary to meet requirements.

Benefits of using N30

  • Reduce the inevitability of N loss with the inclusion of SOA
  • Expect immediate and sustained nitrogen availability for up to 6 weeks, subject to rain/irrigation.
  • More likelihood of achieving your nutrient management targets
  • Sulphur will support nutrient balance and assist pasture growth


Leading up to winter and into spring SOA (Ammonium Sulphate) is the preferred choice of nitrogen due to its better efficiency ratio and environmental stability and is a proven source of readily available sulphur. SOA comes in the form of (NH4)2SO4 combining nitrogen and sulphur, it reacts quite differently to Urea N and has far less potential for loss to the atmosphere and through soil via leaching.

Urea N has a chemical symbol of CO(NH2)2. It is highly soluble in water and has a propensity to leach and gas-off (volatise) yet provides a quick growth response after rain or irrigation.

Expect a difference !

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