Sulphate of Ammonia


Landco's AmSul (Ammonia Sulphate) is a very cost effective nitrogen fertiliser because it provides two crucial nutrients for pasture protein production, Ammonium Nitrogen and ready available Sulphate Sulphur. Both are needed where there is a need for supplemental N and S to meet the nutritional requirement of growing plants.

Due to its chemical properties, AmSul is a fast acting, longer lasting, and a more efficient N than Urea N. Waste from AmSul is minimal in comparison meaning improved production and mitigation of environmental damage from leaching, volitisation, runoff and denitrification, plus improved nutritional supply to plants.

  • Content:                    21% Ammonium Nitrogen and 24% Ammonium Sulphur
  • Chemical Formula:   (NH4)2So4
  • Form:                        Granular fertiliser providing an easy consistent spread
  • Plant Availability:      Water soluble (yet highly available), relies on moisture and acceptable ground temperature to maximise plant availability. Mid-winter application often requires use of                                      Landco Fertiliser' N30 (Urea+AmSul) or NS25 (Urea, AmSul, Elemental Sulphur)


  • AmSul is readily available for root up-take.
    The ammonium ion (NH4+) has a positive charge and is held by the negatively charged soil thus supports immediate uptake by plant roots - opposites attract! urea has a negative charge.
  • Due to AmSuls reaction in the soil, solubility and plant up-take of phosphorus, iron, and manganese increases
  • Nitrogen and Sulphur fuel growth and produce a more lush, darker colouring compared to certain other N fertilisers
  • AmSuls ammonium sulphate component provides around 24 kgs of plant available sulphate sulphur for every 100 kgs of ammonium nitrogen
  • The sulphate sulphur plays a crucial role in transporting nitrogen to the plant to form true proteins to increase pasture palatability
  • Even crazing is promoted by eliminating unpalatable nitrate patches - which most conventional urea farms have and which adds considerably to decreased productivity
  • AmSul can be applied regardless of rain events because ammonia losses are minimal, this reinforces the value of AmSul
  • Various other fertilisers, trace-elements and soil conditioners can be blended with AmSul at Landco's mechanised blending facility

AmSul provides an excellent source of S which has numerous essential functions in plants, including protein synthesis. Because the N fraction is present in the ammonium form, ammonium sulphate is also commonly used in damper soils. After addition to soil, the ammonium sulphate rapidly dissolves into its ammonium and sulphate components.  Most plants are able to utilise both ammonium and nitrate forms of N for growth. In warm soils, microbes will rapidly begin to convert ammonium to nitrate in the process of nitrification [2 NH4+ + 3O2g2NO3- + 2H2O + 4H+]. 

Expect a difference !

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