Muriate of Potash


MOP is a common potassium fertiliser used to replace or build depleated soil K. Widely used world wide and commonly used as an alternative to potassium sulphate in particular beacuse of price and availability.

Key Points

  • Chemical Name:        Potassium Chloride  (Muriate of Potash)
  • Crop Types:               All
  • Features:                   Most economic form of soluble potassium.
  • Quality & Handling:  Nominal 2-4 mm particle sizing, pink in colour.
  • Bulk density:               1.05 tonnes per cubic metre.
  • Blending:                   Blends with most other products.


  • Potassium stimulates the growth of strong stems and gives the plant some disease resistance by promoting thickness of the outer cell walls.
  • Adequate potassium can reduce moisture loss from growing plants, thereby giving some drought resistance.
  • Potassium improves colour, flavour and storing quality of fruit and vegetables.
  • MOP is the most concentrated form of granular potassium and typically the most cost effective.
  • The even granule size of MOP allows for accurate spreading.

    Expect a difference !

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